Sketches: 8-Leggs inventory

In addition to doing tattoos, Eight-Legged Ink is a piercing parlor, and so, they have a pretty decent stock of jewelry.

Also, since the Spiders all live there, and have little else better to do, they’ve all gotten into various hobbies, some of which stocks the merch tables upstairs. Zig paints, Tripp manipulates wood (carving, burning, staining, whatever), Rinna does metal work and Z loves leather. Maybe even a little too much o.O



The plugs up at the top left are the best interpretation I can do (Seriously, Tripp’s work is INSANE) of ones mentioned in this scene from Zig/Jules’ story:

[Zig and Jules are having a conversation about Tripp and Rain growing up, while Zig is taking a dinner break and Rain is collecting her commissioned pieces from Tripp.]

As if on cue, Rain bounced into the room, holding one of the little cardboard boxes that housed Tripp’s work. She was all smiles and high pitched gibber, some rapid fire description of the boxes contents. Zig had seen the pieces already, Tripp had come to him for an opinion on staining the wood. They’d both agreed that a light blue wash would make the wood grain pop and highlight what little blue there was in the girls pale eyes. She hadn’t put them in yet – obviously, she’d have to work up to the size a little more- but she was still on excited overdrive just to have them in her possession.

“OMIGODOMIGODOMIGODOMIGODJULES! You have to see these plugs! They’re aMAZing!” She bounced up and down in the hallway clutching the box and completely disrupting everything.

Jules gave Zig an amused glance that clearly read ‘Have they now?’  as Rain bounced into the room, mindless of whether a conversation had been going on prior or not. The girl was cute in her overenthusiasm, if a little oblivious at times.

“Alright, let me see these aMAZing plugs.” Her tone was interested, but a little teasing – she couldn’t help but relate to the girl as another sister… She was definitely preferable to June, her closest sister in age.

Zig reached over and pulled the bouncing girl in out of the hallway, letting Tripp lead someone new to the back parlor. He smiled at his brother, eyes flicking to Rain and her obvious excitement. The only reaction Tripp gave was that his smile turned more genuine. He was pretty good at putting on a facade for the customers, able to make a reasonable about of small talk and seem pleasant enough. But his pleasure at someone enjoying his work was very real.

Rain was still buzzing with excitement as she pulled the lid off the box. The plugs inside were a pale sky blue over the woodgrain of the ash branch Rain had brought in. Tripp had stripped the bark, sanded the wood down and carved away some of the odder angles so that what was a left was a pair of plugs that would hang down and curl forward under her ears, a few stray branchings sanded down in curving points. The pieces had been split where it thickened, hardware put in so that the backs plugged into the fronts, which had matching swirls carved into the visible face. She could use them to gauge out a little, depending on what size she wanted to work to, though Tripp had designed them to worn at the size he suspected she’d stop at.

“Oh wow, those are spectacular.” She shook her head, impressed. “He outdid himself, those are beautiful. I like the shade of blue he used.”

“I know, right! Just wow, just omigod, wow!” She continued to do her little happy dance.

Zig watched his two favorite girls with a wistful smile on his face. Lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t noticed he’d been staring until the sauce from his burrito started to leak out onto his hand. “Ack!” he said, taking his hand to the sink and rinsing it off. He wrapped his burrito in one the disposable paper towels and ate faster.


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