Plot dreams?

Just woke from some absolutely vivid dreams. Most of it is scattering to the winds of waking up ask we speak, but I remember something about a school, climbing to the top floor, and stumbling on the private quarters of the castle rulers. In the middle of their floor was a great glass panel with a labyrinth etched into it (Labyrinth like the movie, so a maze, actually, but the dream called it a labyrinth so I’ll run with it). It was for watching the comings and goings of everyone below, almost like the Marauder’s Map for you HP fans. And then I’ve got a whole lot of nothing. Snippets of later scenes, which I can clearly see were ripped directly from talking to my little sister last night, so those are just my brain working through the day.

But anyways,

Does this ever happen to any of you? Do you dream your way out of life’s problems, the troubles and trials that plague your brain, but in obvious story form? It is quite plain to me that the whole dream was me just trying to assimilate the latest new in a string of long complicated personal stuff, but my gods, it would have made such a great story.

If I could remember it.


6 thoughts on “Plot dreams?

  1. That actually *does* sound like a pretty cool story. You should give it a shot, even if you don’t remember all of the dream details.

    I used to have neat dreams, but lately they’re all been of the boring variety (being in school and forgetting my homework, etc.) So, yeah, I’m sure that a lot of dreaming is just sorting out real-world experiences like the scientists say. But I also like to believe that there is occasionally more to them than that. And you’re right: it is so very frustrating when I can’t remember the good ones!


    • I’m intrigued by the idea of writers dreaming their problems into stories. Like, do we think better that way? Can I tackle my real world problems if I think of them in terms of genre fiction? It’s an interesting idea, and one I’m gonna kick around for a while, I think.


  2. Dreams are a great way of sorting out the stuff we cram into our brains, or keep buried. They are also a brilliant way of getting story ideas, even better when they come from our own experiences! 😀


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