More Vampire resumes

Olivia asked if I had anymore resumes like the one I did for Hannah. I told her no, but I was wrong, kinda. Hannah came about because the local Master vampire needed to be put down for being too batshit insane, but his second in command didn’t feel politically ready to make such a move. In an act of poor judgement, Master Xavier opened the kiss up for up to two new members, and left it up to his second, Reece, to interview them.

In other words, my writing partner left it up to me to write them.

It was a fun exercise. I put out the call and posted on my mental bulletin board for any interested characters to make themselves known to me, and we’d work out their interviews with Reece together. So far, Hannah’s the only one that’s made it, but Adabel is a close second. I’m pretty sure she’ll wind up in the kiss as well, but at a later date. The other vamps posted below didn’t give me enough to work on, but who knows where all this might go someday.

My notes on the various vampire “resumes” (none of them are as organized as Hannah, apparently).

  1. Name.
  2. Background of origin (what nests/kisses/areas have you been in the past two to three hundred years).
  3. Identify strengths and weakness (such as: willingness to follow orders, ambition, dealing with fellow vampires in your nest/kiss, etc).
  4. What are your political views on local shifters/dancers/witches/fey?
  5. Why do you want to relocate?
  6. Why are you interested in joining this kiss?
  7. What skills can you offer to this kiss?
  8. How did those skills serve your last nest/kiss?


1. Valkyrie Chick (working name)

    1. Adabel (Abbey) – means happy/lovely in German

2. Something german, 1400’sish. Nest she’s in now is a hive off, original nest got too big for its territory, so dispersal rather than infighting (her group went to the “new world” think Leif Erikson-y)

3. Strengths: Excellent combat skills, well accustomed to a militant setting, so highly disciplined. Led several divisions (expound on how she organized said divisions online in later years, lots of skill with things like schedules and excel, etc.) Weaknesses: Not particularly gracious (poor politicker, more likely to fight than negotiate) Admittedly poor at going for long between feeding (might makes right and blood makes might kind of background) however, disciplined enough to usually overcome adverse side affects, may be too aggressive for a kiss, but would like to try

4. Most politicking done in past nest was to negotiate with anyone we couldn’t subjugate – which was tiring. Too much time spent holding what was ours against unhappy neighbors. No particular views on any particular groups, but better suited to interactions that rely on a show of force than a show of manners (e.g. roudy shifters)

5. Tired of constant expansion at the expense of upkeep of what you do have. Wants to “retire” more or less, as far as that goes

6. Good question 😛

7. Organizational skills, defense/guard type stuffs, good with internal management

8. I led an army 😛


  1. Cedric (the entertainer? Lol, you’re a red shirt dude)
  2. Dunno. Boston? Dude, you are oddly specific, especially for someone I already know is a throw away
  3. Strengths: Book keeping (ran a bar) boxes (cause he’s irish – is cedric an irish name? yes, I’m arguing with you. Have you read this story? Go talk to some of the other characters) Weaknesses: Likes the drink (you are such a sterotype) Bad about brawling for no legitimate reason
  4. Wants to be friends with everyone, but has issues with his local wolf pack cause they come in starting shit. He’s pretty bad about holding a grudge, but it takes a while to earn that rep with him
  5. Good question
  6. No ideer
  7. Um, see about about strengths maybe?
  8. .


  1. Mayan chica (working name)
  2. So. Cal. nest (yes, the one Zig is from *gasp*)
  3. Strengths: Weaknesses:
  4. Blah
  5. Upheaval in the hierarchy, not happy with the direction it took (yup, all the crap with clarissa, yay)
  6. Good question
  7. Also, a good question
  8. See above?


  1. Curator Chick (working name)
    1. Hannah (Hana means flower)
  2. that is a fabulous question. Something chic
  3. Strengths: Very good at delicate political games, “well cultured”, history of playing the escort, able to navigate nest hierarchy with ease (read: manipulate trouble makers) Weaknesses: Difficulty asserting herself (reword/think that) Not particularly “strong”, relies on wit over might, highly recognizable, so comes with a past (a favorable one, however)
  4. Gets along very well with dances (has ballet training herself), handles fey word games well, can even play nice with witches (a very hard trick for some). Has some difficulty with shifter groups when females aren’t taken seriously, but will make threats where appropriate to get her point across (typically however, violence is a last resort here)
  5. The on paper answer is “To broaden her horizons.” Worked into that carefully will be veiled nods to her “situation” that a savvy reader would be able to interpret with ease
  6. The infamous Asylum nest, as well as many local artists, and a preference for dealing with witches over shifters, for example. The local climate seems well suited to her skill set
  7. Excellent politician/ambassador, plays well with others, knowledgeable about cultural things, could maintain high standards in any snooty business (gods the wording). Helps maintain a sense of kiss harmony, could also help build/maintain good relations with other groups. Also, since somewhat well known, would offer a touch of class (good credentials basically)
  8. Um, duh?



4 thoughts on “More Vampire resumes

    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing them 🙂

      I really enjoy just doing free write style, letting whatever thoughts just fall onto the page and running with it. I’ll have great “conversations” with characters that way, getting to know them and all. It’s great fun to write, an hopefully pretty fun to read.


      • It is nice, sometimes I get so caught up in writing a full on book or story, I forget to just have fun little times with writing, like getting to know a character through questioning and things 🙂


      • Ha, I wish my characters would let me forget they’re people. I get so little actual work done, because my chars want to just yammer at me all day.

        At least it keeps long shifts at work from being boring. 🙂


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