Camp NaNo, April: Day 2

My cabin has voted on Word Dump Wednesdays being a thing, so I obliged and got 1376 done all day. Most of it is still outlining, or rambling, but I got a scene or two in there somewhere. More importantly, I followed a plot rabbit this morning and figured out why Xaph has been giving me a hard time. Always follow your plot rabbits.


Outlining, part II

Done? Nope, apparently I’d left some out. Awesome

Mmmk, the scene with Rain and the thug, check

Note: that bit about Mel saying she had three days

Note: elemental is now named Spark (does this affect the thug’s ability to summon it?)

OOS: Rook and Jon talking about Rain’s ties to this world and what it’s like to be a death avatar (war?)

Rinna and Rabe walk her to school, croonies pull some vamp shit to get let go

Zig gives her a ride home, Rain realizes she’s being all spelly

Three days pass, no myles

Direct notes: Myles has been working on something. A bit of a bobby trap. =when= someone messed with her magic – and he was sure it was when, not if- they would be attacked by his spell, and he would be able to show Rain they’d been using her and he was protecting her and how he would help her through all of this and it would all be ok and pull her closer to him.

Rain texts jon

oh yeah, i’ve totally set it up for them to be under a contentment spell (home only? At school any?)


mel has definitely talked to a kalean at this point, but I have no idea if frost and rook have talked.

Zig takes Rain to Rook & Jon’s sometime after Midnight on Saturday – whoa, seriously? They shut the bar down on sat? Wtf?wait, after 3 am, that’s more reasonable.

Mmk, rook says house is spelled, jon says its rain herself

then the bit about shields and stories

and the bit about baddies. Jons gonna dig something up – what?



Rain woke late the next morning, feeling clearer than she had all week. Maybe it was the house. Maybe leaving in the middle of the night had helped. She and mom did some stuff that Raeven really didn’t give a crap about and we moved on to Monday maybe? We need Myles to come back, so the booby trap can be set. I guess the booby trap is what draws Moira? Maybe even what takes out the croonies? How does Mikael tie into all this? Alright, not actually ready to write. Brainstorm some more.

Myles is cooking up his booby trap that triggers when someone messes with her magic – let’s say it’s Moira, and she traces it back to Myles when trying to track Rain. Dumps Myles body at Rook’s door when it becomes clear he’s not actually the ..thing Rain is. She will of course go back for Rain and her Mom, unless she wants to see how Rook squirms? Yeah, that’s probably something she’d do. Cat and mouse. Myles is her move, now it’s Rooks. So book two opens with Rook’s move I suppose.

So in the mean time, we have Frost and the baddie boys to deal with.

So Rain and her mom have this lovely weekend, Myles cooks up his spell, puts it on Rain somehow. Oh ick – does he come home Sun and take them all out to breakfast? Probably. And puts the whammy on her while she’s sleeping in I bet. Or something.

So the whammy is on her by Monday, let’s say the cronies have been watching and waiting. With his booby trap on her, Myles won’t be as reluctant to have her out of the house – in fact, he’ll encourage it, so that his trap triggers faster. So Rain is out walking or whatever, she winds up at 8-leggs because of why? Because she can be? Because she needs to work on her shields? Sure, there’s an idea. Because she feels like Zig is a friend now? Sounds good. Maybe even because Mel says she needs to come over. Or even Rook, really, if he’s talked to Frost at this point. From how the convo when on Sat night, I don’t think they’ve talked yet.

Also, before you forget, remember that new moons effect things – when is the next one? That’s where the Bei bit comes in, for sure.

So she’s with the Spiders more, set up the regular studying that way, I suppose. We introduce her to Frost – before or after he eats the baddies? And what does Mikael think of all that? Does he give any fucks? Is he actually in town yet or still traveling with the girls? Oh, right, doesn’t know the girls yet. GROUND YOURSELF IN YOUR TIMELINE YOU FOOL 😛

Ok, so Frost gets met, baddies get eaten, in one order or another. Two down, Myles death to go.

Rain gets close to Frost because he saves her, and because it’s so clear to her he doesn’t have a “side” in all this. She gets closer to Rook because the magic says so.. She gets closer to Zig from spending all this time with him. BUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT?

So, she’s worrying about the baddies, Frost reassures her that’s ok. She gets closer to the “good” guys so starts to wonder about myles, and just turns up fucking dead, that’s what. All nice and abrupt and everything. The Moria snippet is “preview” for the next book, I suppose.

And that’s it. That’s Haven: Awakening, book 1. Whatever. Rain’s story. The NaNo. It’s done.

8:53pm 4/2/13

Things to do still:

Neutralize the current bad guys
Myles: Dumped at Rook’s doorstep at the end of the book, Moira’s “I’m back message”
LBB’s cronies: Chased off by Frost (eaten?)
Give a sense of “Things are settled enough for now”
Set up regular meetings w/Rook
Figure out what she’s doing with the Underground
Set her up with Frost so she’s “safe” enough
Try to give a name for what she is, so that’s not left dangling
Maybe no give it completely away?
Need to tie in the writing/dreams with something so its not so random
Note: Can Frost tell? what does he have to say on the matter?
Various stuff not addressed, to scratch or tie in
“Ashley” the ifrit
the random spider meetings
all that crap with the well water
her writings – are they relevant? do they help anything at all?

This book, or maybe another:

Start training on the Other side
Gotta be next book, she’ still in school here. Summer break at best
Set it up though? Need to do the Frost thing
What’s gonna happen to her mom?
Jon helps deal with the inheritance stuff
but what does she remember?
She needs to be ok with Rain doing whatever, general complancy spell?

Random notes:

Who is LBB? Connected to Mikael? Might be why Xaph’s all pushy suddnely

What exactly is/was Morgana/Moira? Planar? Chimera? Something else? Death is an add on


Jon opened the door for some reason. At this point, it wasn’t really important, because it was a floater scene, and whatever opening had been written would probably be edited to fit the flow anyways. But as he stepped out, something was wrong. Lying across the doorway was a dead body.

Jon raised an eyebrow and called back over his shoulder into the still-dark bar.

“Rook. You might wanna come take a look at this.”

Rook rolled his eyes, but knew Jon was the king of understatement. The fact that he’d bothered Rook at all was a bad sign.

Sure enough, Rook recoiled spitting curses almost as soon as he’d hit the door. Jon leaned up against the frame and crossed his arms, calmly waiting for Rook to finish.

“I take it you know what this means?” he asked when Rook finally fell silent.

Rook raised a solemn face to Jon’s, gaze dark and flat. “Moira.” Rook couldn’t even enjoy Jon’s shocked expression. This was seriously bad news. His old boss, and the former avatar of Death itself had finally found him at last.

“The bitch is back, Jon.”

Jon drew a deep breath, blinked a few times, then sagged back against the door frame.

“Well, is this interesting enough for you?”

Rook gave a sharp bark of sound, more a hoarse cough than a laugh.

“I guess we’ll see, won’t we?”




8 thoughts on “Camp NaNo, April: Day 2

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m hoping someone else can find them motivational, in those dark hours of a nano where it seems like there just no way you could possibly write another word. Seeing what someone else is up to has always been inspiring to me. 🙂


      • Well, does outlining feel like it “counts” to you? If so, go for it!

        I’m having a Very relaxed time at camp, with a ridiculously easy (for me) goal, and very loose definitions for what counts. If I’m working on Rain’s story, it counts. Period. The only thing I have to do is finish it. My word goal was my guess at how many words it would take, but mostly I’m not even taking it seriously. It was just a way to have a standard measurement.

        I think this attitude is what I really like about camp- it is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. The only thing you have to do to do it “right” is enjoy yourself.

        And write, of course. 🙂


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