…why is it that every time I sit down to work on my NaNo, new characters pop up to distract me?

Last time, Hannah kept me from working on anything but her resume, and now, I have a lovestruck demon on my hands.

You heard me right- Xaphrael is in love.

Xaph is not technically a new character, rather, he’s a dirty little secret of someone I’ve already posted about here. But Xaph has newly been discovered by a certain convenient plot device demon from Asylum, and the two of them are having a torridly good time.

And it is distracting as Hell.


ETA: Oops. Originally, I’d linked this to my Blogger posting of Hannah’s resume, instead of the WordPress one. Link is fixed now, and I added another link that gives a little spoiler about Xaph’s identity.

Oh the joys of blogging from my phone. :/

ETA, again: This was where my link originally went, if anyone is curious.



5 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Haha… I hear you 😉 Characters can be so very greedy when they want attention. (Also, Xaph is an adorable nickname. Do they call him that within the story, or is that just your authorly pet-name for him?)

    So I take it your Nano project isn’t Asylum related?


    • Xaph is just short for Xaphrael, like Jon for Jonathan. Az calls him Xaph, and other than that I don’t know of any characters to ask that know Xaphrael in his full demon form. I know a few people that know him in other guises, but most of the names they have for him are rather rude. “That bastard” for one, or “Not my problem (yet)” for another.

      As to my NaNo…

      Rain’s story is a tricky one. I personally don’t find Rain’s story interesting at all, but she’s friends with EVERYONE, so writing her story gives me insight into how Zig knows Chris, how Miel and Bei interact with the local vampires, the climate between the Fey and Witch communities, what Jules was doing before she met Zig, how the Asylum dancers were while Nica was away, and so on. So while Haven isn’t technically an Asylum story, it’s all part of the same Universe. Same town, actually. Maybe even same square mile or so.


    • ALWAYS.

      I think my biggest problem with Xaphrael (at the moment) is that the whole feel of him is so vastly different from Rain. Rain, whom I find boring. Versus Xaph, who is telling me naughty stories about his lover. Disturbingly naughty, but still way more my usual speed than Rain’s very YA vibe.


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