Weekly writing goals: March week 4

Holy cats! Is March over already? Jeez.

We made a little headway in Asylum this week. Mostly I’ve been helping my “replacement” as work adjust (read: doing his job for him til he bothers to do it himself) so I’m still in work hell. But it’s really time for that to stop being an excuse. I’m taking the weekend off for some personal family stuff, then it’s time to treat my writing like my job. Because it never will be if even I don’t act like it is. So.

On the plus side, I finally outlined the ending of my NaNo (you remember my NaNo) and it turns out I’m much closer to done with it than I thought I was! That, of course, means I have to actually finish it, but I really should have done that by now anyways. So look for more of Rain and Zig in the future! I don’t mind sharing this story, because quite frankly, I never intend to publish it. I do not want to be a YA author, and Rain’s story is totally YA. Her whole character is. That’s part of why I got bored with her. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the genre. My absolute favorite author ever is YA, and I’ve re-read each of her published works at least twice (a dozen times on some of my favorites). I just personally don’t want to write it. Rain’s story was simply to give me a little background for Zig and Jules’ story, but since I have the ending now it seems a crime not to at least finish it. So there’s that.

Job hunt will also have to come once I get home, because my store is a sinking ship. I guess that’s what happens when the captain self-mutinies, but still. I gots bills, and no book contracts yet. So new job time.

…with all the soing I’ve done in this post, you’d think I’d have a bag or pair of pants or something to show for it. So well.


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