Daily Prompt: Fate vs. Free Will

Oooh fancy! Me answering a Daily Prompt not about work!

I always love how people assume Fate and Free Will are mutually exclusive. When you take the idea of linear time out of the equation, there’s no reason not to say that we all get to have our choices, and whatever makes the plan knows what all those choices will be, and put us together in a way that works for the Plan. Or that the Plan is fairly vague, and the specifics don’t matter too much, as long key events happen. A hybrid, if you will.

This is actually a pretty big theme in Asylum/Havenverse, thought I don’t know how much of it has made it into any of the books yet. Girlfriend and I are always just chatting about this or that aspect of the Universe, so we know a lot about what makes it run that might not ever be reveal to the readership. Or it might be the thing that makes everything make sense at the end, who knows? Not us, we haven’t written it yet. 😛

But the point is, there are six realms that influence things in the mortal world, and two of those realms are Destinies and Benevolents. Any time in human history one person has done something extraordinary to dramatically reshape the world, they were almost undoubtedly being acted on by a Destiny. Think major world leaders in WWII kinda big. Benevolents might be involved in major things like that as well, but more likely, a Benevolent acts on a much smaller, quieter scale. Think typical guardian angel. Benevolents work to protect the Human Spirit, want to see what we can do, what comes out of the sea of our marvelous potential. Some of its good, some of its bad, but it’s their belief that we should be left to do it, no matter what. Destinies think that’s all well and good, but there are certain things just must needs be, and they see to it that those key events occur according to Plan.

Oracles show us the shape of that plan, flagging key points in time and marking humans if need be, but mostly they just watch and record. Enforcers smack down anyone not playing by the rules, or pretty much anyone the Oracles tell them to. Demons run around causing a muck and doing their best to further their own goals, so it’s mostly them the Enforcers have to act on, and Anima are just too good for the rest of us and hardly ever get involved anyways. But when they do, it’s bad.

And all of that is stuff you’ll probably never know about if you read Asylum. 😛 I might, it might come up, since we’re toying with the idea of calling the Asylum stories the Book of Destinies I, II, and so on as needed, but if does, it will likely just be bonus content on the net somewhere. The six forces really don’t act in an obvious way (except for demons, assholes that they are) so there’s not much reason to talk about them in the story. But maybe. We’ll just have to see.

This daily prompt has been brought to you by me trying to remind myself that I’m a writer, damnit. Real job blues anyone?

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