Weekly Writing Goals: March 3

… It straight up feels like forever since I’ve written one of these. Time has been crazy wacky all winter, and with this winter/spring strobe light thing we’ve got going on, I’m just completely lost. But writing happened this week, though my serpent is being a pain.

Seth keeps getting bored with down time scenes, basically going to his trailer until something interesting happens, leaving me to guess at what he’d do or say. I know him pretty well by this point, so I’m sure I’m doing fine, but it’s quite aggravating all the same.

Spent some time this week reading my younger sister’s first (?) story – had to lock my inner editor up and throw him in a truck so I could simply read in peace, but it’s pretty cool to see I’m not the only one in the family that can weave a yarn. Or the only one that’s willing to tackle some seriously dark issues in fiction. Mini-me here folks. I only wish I were as talented in the music department.

Talking with her about writing has gotten me fired up about my NaNo again, so maybe I’ll actually finish it, though I never intend to. But I’d like to be able to share my writing with her, and quite frankly, there are some adults in my family I wouldn’t show Asylum to. It’s definitely something I’m reluctant to share with my teenage sister (…or anyone, really, if I’m being honestly. I’m very shy with Asylum).

Speaking of, editing is still on hold. I am in NO place to focus right now with all the upheavals at work. My “replacement” is probably going to leave his work to me, which I will flat out not do. I’m not going to do the same job for less pay, no sirree. Time will tell, I suppose.

So, another week in limbo, though girlfriend and I did spend some time in our favorite coffee shop “just talking” about Asylum, which really means we were brainstorming and outlining, but don’t tell us that or we’ll feel all oppressed or something. 😛

I feel like I need to get back to the bulleted list for Writing Goals- this just feels like talking. I don’t feel like I’m holding myself accountable for anything. We’ll see how much worse new guy throws me off, and when that dust settles I’ll reevaluate my goals for this year.


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