Daily Prompt: I Believe

I want to straight reblog this one, because something about the phrasing stuck with me. Sometimes words help corral your thoughts in the same general area as the idea the author was going for, and sometime the words are just Right, and there are no better words.

So I’m not going to try too hard with my words. I’m going to take another page from the Daily’s and do a list post. Partially because they’re really effective when used right, but mostly because these are VERY important things to me, and I don’t have the time to wax poetic right before work. :/ I intend to come back to this later, but we all know how intentions go.

Three things I absolutely believe with all my heart to be TRUE:

  1. I love my girlfriend with all my heart. This truth was the one thing I had left to believe in when I went through those crazy young adult years of trying to figure out who I am vs. how I was raised. When I looked inside, past all the expectations and indoctrinations, the one shining Truth my heart whispered to me was that I loved my girlfriend more than anything else in the Universe. Everything else I believe had to be shaped around that.
  2. Something makes the Universe go according to some kind of plan, and it isn’t really important for us to understand the hows and whys. There is so much else for us to do in this life that we do know and can see, that wasting energy chasing after answers that won’t actually change anything is a disservice to yourself, those around you, and whatever force you believe in.
  3. Everything will be alright. Someday. Eventually. Probably not how I always imagined it will be alright, but still alright. Maybe better. This doesn’t absolve me of action, but it does take a lot of the worry factor out of it.

Three things I absolutely believe with all my heart to be FALSE:

  1. A good life will be punished if it doesn’t follow X Creed. The Universe cannot possible be run by a guy that would punish me for not following a certain set of rules. I just can’t believe in that. Doesn’t matter if that guy is “God”, a unicorn, or Morgan Freeman- if you live a life you honestly feel is a good one, that holds true with everything you feel in your heart, whatever happens when we die will not be bad.
  2. Karma. I don’t believe in an all reaching reward and punishment system. It’s possible my Western brain doesn’t have the right of what Karma truly is, but I don’t believe that “good” will be rewarded and “evil” punished. The Universe will always balance itself, but probably not in a way that makes sense to us mortals. And the reason I can’t believe in Karma is…
  3. There is no such thing as GOOD and EVIL. No act, thought or person is inherently “good” or “bad”. There is no such thing as an evil herbivore. I watch Gravity act on Man, Animals and Galaxies alike – no Star ever collapsed on itself and became a Black Hole because it took too many steps on the Sabbath.

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