Sketches: Naj/Seth


A side by side comparison of Seth and Naj. I am both really happy with this piece, and really not. For one, the more I draw Naj and Seth, the more I feel like I’m losing them. But on the other hand, it’s really cool to have a comparison of facial expressions and such on them. It would be cooler if I’d drawn them right, but whatever. Practice makes perfect, right?


Some fun tidbits:

  • I have no idea what is up with Naj’s neck. He’s not that well muscled.
  • There’s something with their eye shape I’m not hitting right, because I’m trying to hard to show expression, it’s throwing my grasp of ethnicity.
  • Is it just me, or does Seth look a little like Data in this one?



4 thoughts on “Sketches: Naj/Seth

    • Focusing too much, I think. The first sketch I ever did of Naj was magical. I stared at it for hours, just in awe of how perfectly him it was. Then I started trying to incorporate certain features and actually compose the face instead of just sketch, and I lose the forest for the trees, I think.

      But I still love drawing all my characters, almost as much as I love writing them, so I’ll likely have plenty of sketches for months to come. 🙂


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