Weekly Writing Goals: March week 2

Count down to being significantly less stressed: 2 more weeks. Until then, editing has been getting no where. I’m ok with that though. I got a few scenes done with Seth the other day, and the much forgotten about Talking to Shadows got a few scenes added on too. Summer is coming, and that will be great for editing, I think (I hope). Otherwise, there’s not a lot to report this week. Just hanging on til Winter finally releases us and we can start in on the Spring rainy season.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Goals: March week 2

  1. I could not agree more! But just curious, but why is Summer great for editing for you? For me, it’s because I do my best brainstorming while walking, and I can’t go on long walks in the Winter (because I’m rather a wimp when it comes to cold…) Is Summer a better writing season for you because of the same reason, or something else?


    • It’s purely a Real Job thing. Currently, I work in pizza, so the nasty weather seasons mean we’re really busy. It drops off in the summer, so I can relax more.

      However, I’m starting the hunt for my “grown up” job, something more 9-5, so hopefully it’ll be a moot point soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Yeah. That’s why I decided I HAD to make a change. I WANT to write, I Have to work to pay to bills. Wanting should always come first- we do what we have to to do what we want. It’s hard sometimes to remind ourselves we’re allowed to want things.


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