Daily Prompt: Let’s go Crazy!

This one is actually pretty easy for me, cause I’m doing it. Real job has finally gotten so crazy I’m having nightmares about it, when I can get to sleep over the worrying at all, and I haven’t gotten a thing done on Asylum in days (weeks?). So I’m doing it.

I’m taking the plunge and quitting my job.

It’s not as bad as it sounds- I’m a restaurant manager, and all I’m doing is stepping down from General to Assistant, but it’s the first step. I’ll stay as assistant until the new General gets his feet under him, and/or until I find a better job. It’s happening. I’ve been talking about it for weeks (months?) but I’m finally going to do it. This will push me out of this job and into the better one I never make myself look for, because an assistants position is a little more tenuous than GM. I can’t hide behind the security of my position anymore. I have to look for a better job or I might not have a job in 3 to 6 to 8 to 18 months. Who knows? I can’t bank on that, so I finally won’t.

The Period ends March 23, so on March 24, I will have done it. I will have quit my job.

Anybody got any openings? 🙂


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