Separating Curiosity from Creativity

Personally, ALL of Asylum is my curiosity going “What what what? why? how? Tell me tell me!” about the world we discovered writing it. EVERY story is one of us following a plot rabbit of curiosity. None of Asylum would be if we weren’t curious about how witch genetics work, or what would happen to the Underground without Zig, or why some avians are red shouldered hawks and some are snow buntings.

These are things I could never answer with a smartphone, only by digging around in my own imagination and listening for whispers from my characters. From gathering a readership with their own questions, who will ask things I’ll never think to ask. I need their curiosity to keep going. Asylum needs curiosity to live and breathe and be.

I am curious (ha!) to see how the human animal changes as social interactions change. Biology demands we interact with each other in meaningful ways to keep our sanity. More and more we are connected to people with like minds and interests; we’re experiencing less pressure to get along with those we have less in common with. We can hide in the security of the familiar, and avoid and ignore that we don’t like. How much will this hurt our desire to explore, to push our comfort zones and learn new things? How will this hurt our creative problem solving, when it becomes easier and easier to just avoid conflict all together? If we don’t find the validation we seek we can move on to a new thread or website that is more hospitable.

This topic is feeling bigger and bigger in my head as I write- I’m getting the iceburg feeling, like I’ve just scratched the surface. I think there is a great mental toy here, something to mull over again and again. I want to come back to this when I’m not so bogged down by winter weather. But I want to air these thoughts for now, see if any thought fish bite.


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