Weekly Writing Goals: Feb Recap

How convenient that the last 7’s of the month is also the end of this month (Happy Birthday Cait’s mom!) So, a recap.

February went extremely well, especially considering all the crap that happened. Asylum is “finished” and I’m going through my first read-through, working on some side projects to keep the juices flowing, made a “concrete” publishing plan, and have started laying plans for book 2. I’ve got some good strong goals set up for my editing pace, and once that’s underway a little better I’ll make some more posts about my specific goals and time frames.

Did I mention how important it is to set goals for yourself when no one else is “making” you do something?

Feeling revitalized in regards to the blog, so March should hold more posts that Feb did (again, I apologize for real life getting in the way- more on that over at Blogger) including more linky goodness from around the web, and more updates on the writing/editing.

With any luck, I’ll get back to more structured “Writing Goals” posts again too.

It was a good month, all things considered. How did February treat all of you?


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