Sketches: Jon


I thought it might be nice to put Jon and Lena in the same month, since they’re realizing they’re kinda falling in love with each other. And, ya know, this month is February and all.

I’m silly like that.


Fun tidbit – I had no idea Jon, but Jon is apparently of some kind of African descent. We haven’t been able to pin it down yet, but it took Lena telling Caitlin that she liked the way his dark skin looked against her pale skin for me to go “Wait, you mean he’s not just like, some super tanned guy from the Mediterranean or something?”

Yup, my own character, holding out on me. 😛 We’ll pin him down eventually, but I think he might be a Moor or Berber? Not sure, as I know VERY little about these cultures and have done little research into them. I’ll figure it out later if it ever comes up, but for right now, Jon’s exact ethnicity isn’t very important. I just thought it was highly entertaining that he never bothered to tell me. It just wasn’t important to him, I guess. Can’t have been that important to me, either, I never thought to ask him why his skin was so dark. I’ve only ever seen him in a darkened bar, so I didn’t think too much of it.



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