Writing Goals: Week???

I have no idea what week it is. 😛

I also don’t remember what format I’d been using, or anything like that. But I do know what I’ve been up to writing wise, and where I’m heading, so informal writing goals post for today. I’m changing what I’m doing with this anyways.

Sometime in the past two or three weeks, Caitlin and I “finished” Asylum. Yup, we wrote a novel. We didn’t realize it at first, cause we were floundering around in ending land, made doubly awkward by the impending beginning land on the horizon for Asylum 2.

Then we realized, we’d touched on everything that needed to happen in what we felt was Asylum Book 1, so it was “Done”. As done as any first draft ever is. So, this week’s writing goal is actually a reading goal.

I have to read my first novel, start to finish.

Why does this scare me so much? It’s not like I don’t know the story (more or less). It’s not like I’m not going into it KNOWING I have revisions to make, so I’m not even afraid of it being terrible. It is terrible. This I know, and this I have accepted. I am initiating the process by which it becomes not terrible.

So why am I so afraid to do it?

If I get any answers to that particular conundrum, I’ll let you know. For now, I’m catching up on all sorts of other things I should have been doing as I put off making myself do a read through. I’ve cleaned house (hooray!), I’ve made those blog changes I’ve been meaning to, even wrote some emails and penpals. I’ve chased plot rabbits down hole after hole, wanting to prolong the writing a novel stage.

But its finally time. Today is the day I start editing my first novel.

I’ve bought myself a lovely rainbow leopard print notebook (cause it reminded me of Lena) as a motivator – this notebook is ONLY for notes I make as I do my first read-through and editing. I’m not allowed to play with my beautiful new toy unless it’s while I’m editing. I’m also blackmailing myself holding myself accountable to this by generating deadlines on the blog. I don’t have a publisher or editor hanging over my head, but I can fake it with blog schedules. Also, this gives me one more tinsy tiny little thing I can do before I HAVE to sit down for my re-read- I can stage a few embarrass myself posts. I’ve got my cute little kitten calendar out now, and am making myself time frames for getting this all done in. I’ll schedule out some posts for March that are filled with Lazy Editor Shaming, and then I’ll do it. I’ll really sit down and re-read, no more distractions.

Help me.


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