Editing Asylum: 1 down, 59 to go

Asylum Chapter 1 is 8800 words, ,13 pages in Times New Roman 12. I’ve made a page and a half of notes as I’ve read, and highlighted several sections that I know need re-working.

Add to this that the beginning needs to be totally redone to keep from being so abrupt, and I have A LOT of work to do.

A favorite author of mine said she tries to get all the important world building information into the first 5k of a 50k novel. Following that logic, I have a whole 50k to work with to get it all in there.

I’m thinking 10 -15k is more reasonable for the reader’s sake.

I’m also thinking that a good deal of that nearly 500k we have is gonna wind up cut, cause a lot of it is just me and Caitlin playing. There is a whole crap ton of content editing and technical editing to do to this beast, and I’m feeling pretty daunted. But, for now, just keep reading, just keep reading, what do we do we just keep reading….


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