The Experiment: Posting when I don’t feel like it

Heh. I guess I can’t shake the desire to post every day. Not a lot to report here though.  So, I guess we see what sort of post I come up with when I give in to the pressure to post every day, but have nothing to say. I hope it will be enlightening, but it feels like pure vanity.

I want to post something writing related, and try to stay on task, but I’ve been taking a few days off to destress from my girlfriend’s car accident (Things are fine, btw. She’s bruised in places, but unhurt, and we’re in a rental and picking up a new car on Saturday, hopefully). There’s nothing new on the writing front, nor have I read anything new, cause I’ve just been playing Spyro the Dragon.

I thought about posting from the list o’ prompts, but I’m really just not that into it today. And I guess that’s what it comes down to – if I’m not into it, you won’t be either.

So that’s the lesson I guess. I’m sure all of you knew that already.

I’m going to go pull my cookies out of the oven and play more video games, because that’s what my soul needs right now.


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