January in review

So, first of the month. Feels all re-cappy and whatnot, so have a ramble.

January was a good month for me, writing wise. I found a happy medium with my blogging, finished my first novel (more or less), and learned that sometimes, you just have to stop writing to keep writing. That was a hard one. I’ve butted up against writers’ block or burn out or whatever you want to call it a few times this month, and the only way I’ve been able to kick it is to walk away. Giving myself a day or two to relax and not think about it got the words flowing like no one’s business. Today, even, I’m feeling burnt out from some major crisis-mode crazy time, so I’m just gonna play Spyro the Dragon and go to bed, because that’s what I really want to be doing. Tomorrow, or maybe even the next day, what I’ll really want to be doing is writing, as I’ve been for more or less the past 6 months. Let it be, as it were.

February doesn’t hold much as far as goals go, but I’ve always treated Feb as a Freebie Month, since it’s so short. Doesn’t matter in what arena, Feb is my whatever month. I usually need a good cool down after being all Gung-Ho in January – stupid “Holy Crap! It’s the beginning of the new year, must do SOMETHING” energy. It always gets me a ll riled up for no good reason. What I need is a good “It’s March now, year’s nearly a quarter over, get your butt in gear” energy boost.

Spyro is now calling my name, so I’m off to play video games. 🙂


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