Writing goals: week 4

Alright, week 4 is coming to completely via iPhone (apologies in advance). I also forgot to do it, since I’m still adjusting to not scheduling everything out in advance. But I remembered, with no reminders or anything (which really just proves I’m bad at organizing and rather lucky, but we’ll pretend it’s a triumph- celebrate with me!) So then, weekly goals from memory.

Schedule out posts/ keep to an update schedule So far so good! I’ve got sketches and Doctor days planned out into March, so even if I go all derpy there’s at least something to look at.

Write every day With Asylum coming to a close, I find myself dragging my feet when it comes to writing. But day job is also crazy right now, so I’m feeling a little drained. Speaking of….

Find a grown up job Alright people, start kicking my butt on this one please. Nothing will change if I do not change, and so far I’ve done zilch in the actual searching dept. Stay on me! Comment me, email me, stalk me on G+ just HARASS me into looking for a better job, ok?

that other thing that I can’t remember. I’m doing petty good for an iPhone, so I’mma leave it at that. 😛


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