Writing Mania

So, for the past three days or so, I’ve woken up knowing exactly what the characters need to do next.

Not like a vague, this is where we’re going sort of direction, but a literal the exact words I need to type are scrolling across my brain and I’d better get to a keyboard and get them out before I lose them.

I’ve always written my best first thing in the morning, sneaking down when no one else is awake, putting on the kettle and just going for an hour (stopping to make tea when the whistle blows, of course), but this goes beyond that. I feel like I have moved into this hyperspace where the story will just come to me, and I write until I’m forced to stop (by either work or the need for sleep) and the instant I can get back to it again, there it is, waking me up an hour earlier than is reasonable and demanding I write.

My mother is the sort to self-diagnose all her children with whatever she’s last seen on Dr. Oz, but when she told me I was bipolar, I looked into a bit. (Let me preface all this by saying that if I am, it is BEYOND mild and not unmanageable, and probably well within the range of “normal” swings anyways.) It’s easy to find patterns of highs and lows in my life, but the human mind has always been susceptible to seeing what it expects to see. Still, as I’m a little older now and can watch for these things in myself, I wonder if I’m not starting a bit of a mania. I was certainly depressed enough these past few months, but anyways. We’ll see what yields.

Regardless, I am SUPER excited to have the writing moving along so nicely!


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