Writing Goals: Week 3

Week three has been GREAT! After a rough start, we’ve gotten TONS of work done on Asylum, moving it past the never ending event horizon of The Big Thing, and we’re dealing with the aftermath. The bulk of it should be mopped up by next week – possibly even with us FINISHING Asylum by the end of January. Most definitely by the end of February. I am BEYOND excited!

Writing Goals for 2014: Week 3

Blog goals: Alright, I actually have something resembling a schedule hammered out …ish. So far, it’ll run something like this:


  • 7’s (7, 14, 21, 28): The Weekly writing goals update
  • 5’s (05, 15, 25): Sketches! At least through April. I’ve got enough sketches queued up for that far, and more sketches lying around on the coffee table and in various binders, waiting for me to find them and post them. I should be able to handle three sketch pieces a month (I hope).
  • 9, 10, 11: Doctor Days! Hoooray 
  • If I know me, I’ll probably do something New Monthy on the 1st and recap-y on the 30/1st, but I’m not setting this in stone
  • Smattering of actual writings, probably in the 16-20 range, since there’s not a lot going on in there, but again, not a set in stone update. I’d like to try to post some actually writing at least once a week though. That’d be nice.
  • Same smattering kind of idea for tips and tricks I use as a writer, various “Writing about Writing”
  • Random thoughts and and feelings throughout the month as they come to me


-Writing at least once a day, as is suggested by so many successful authors: 

Ok, this one is a weird one for me.

I actually can’t not write everyday (did I set that double negative up right?) but what I’d like to do is getting a little work done on Asylum and Co. every day. But yeah, I’m totally writing everyday, whether its a blog post, or a forum post, or answering some of the lengthy emails I send back and forth with friends, or character blurbs, or what have you. I’m totally writing every day, no worries there.

We’re moving into the new semester, and it looks like we’ll be able to take Wednesday as an all day writing day, with Saturdays as well if we need them. I should also get about an hour before work on Fridays, and there’s always Sunday and Monday mornings, since I work later then. Tuesday is right out the window – I will always been too exhausted on Tuesdays to do anything useful, but we’ll see what Thursdays have in store.

-ACTUALLY FINISH A COMPLETE STORY so that I can flex my editing muscles a bit:

Well on the way to that- huzzah! Also , there’s that whole NaNo thing I really should look at, though I have no idea where to go with it. Maybe if I actually re-read it, something will come to mind.

-Research employment opportunities in the writing field (so vague, I know) since I’m tired of my soul sucking service industry job: Haven’t checked out the local paper yet – I need to stay on this! Doing is the difference between dreams and reality – I’m just so easily caught up in writing that it pretty much steals me away as soon as I open my computer.

So that’s week three – hooray! How’s everyone else doing?


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