Writing Goals: Week 2.5

Ok, back before I realized what a stupid idea it was to try and talk about CURRENT PROGRESS before it happened, I wrote this post for week three. You can have it now, and I’ll work up a better post for my actual progress report for week 3, which is going much better than anticipated. Week 2 had me really, really down.


TERRIBLE week this week – too much work. Kids came back to school, bad weather and illness in the staff meant I was working way, way overtime, and lost the groove of what was going on in Asylum. We’ll get back to it, but it’s going to be a struggle, I think. Wish us luck.

Writing Goals for 2014: Week 2.5

 -Keeping my blog post scheduled up at least a week in advance, so I’m not stressing deadlines: Still working with the re-vamp of the schedule, so I guess Mini-goal: Figure out what posting schedule I want to go with and get its page up.

-Writing at least once a day, as is suggested by so many successful authors: Not happening lately. I’m really not happy about this. But it is the first week of school, and everything is crazy, so maybe once I actually settle into a routine?

-ACTUALLY FINISH A COMPLETE STORY so that I can flex my editing muscles a bit: ASYLUM HAS GROUND TO A HALT! I need to figure out how to get back on track with this!

However, on the editing note, it’s apparently time to start editing my NaNo, so I guess if Asylum keeps confounding me, I can work on that. I dread the idea of touching that horrid thing again, but I did make a legally binding promise on a silly website, so I suppose I must. 😛

-Research employment opportunities in the writing field (so vague, I know) since I’m tired of my soul sucking service industry job: Might have a lead on this, one of my employees suggested I look into working for the local newspaper – any feedback on that, anyone? HR is also a possibility, apparently – I hate that I feel like I don’t know anything about the grown up world and grown up jobs! I’m 27, damnit, when will I finally feel qualified to be an adult?

Aaaand that’s my writing week. Anyone else able to chime in with something more positive? I could use some success stories right now.


One thought on “Writing Goals: Week 2.5

  1. I can’t manage to write every day either. I use weekend mornings, and the occasional day off for writing marathons. Fortunately, I have a good outline to keep me on the path. Life’s too busy for me to get daily chances at writing.


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