Opinion time! To post, or not to post

One of my characters is deeply disturbed.

DEEPLY disturbed.

Like, takes it out on small children, 5 flavors of crazy disturbed.

Also not human.

The question is: do I share the crap that rolls through her head with the world? I wrote a scene with her and her brother earlier, and it’s still got me shaken up. I’m disturbed that something like that lives inside me. But it’s part of the world, part of their story, and just plain who they are. However, it’s not at all relevant to what they’re doing. She’s a side character, with no place to go and no major plot point to affect. She just happened to want to share with a pretty graphic sex scene.

So, to post or not to post? I’d intended on posting some more mature stuff in here as I go on, to see what does and doesn’t hit the filters, but this stuff is pretty bad. Nothing too terribly descriptive (at least as far as the disturbing stuff goes – the sex is as graphic as any other sex I write) but just… I dunno. It’s bad enough even I’m not sure I want to claim, and for those of you that know me, that’s pretty bad.

So what would you do, if you have a psychotic violent killer in your head, talking to you about the stuff they would do if their brother wasn’t there to keep them in check?


One thought on “Opinion time! To post, or not to post

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