Sketches: Seth, profile

Seemed appropriate to post this after the “Have you seen my serpent?” bit. For those curious, this is what Seth looks like (kinda. my sketching skills are not their most awesome).


Some fun factoids:

  • I did this sketch on the final day of BazBiz in Cleveland, Ohio, while playing booth babe for my wonderful friend, Zabet (of anticraft fame). Wow, lots of links in that one.
  • This is not the first sketch I’ve done of Seth …I think. Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ve tried to draw him a few times before. This is definitely one of the better ones though.
  • The characters from Asylum come from a WIDE variety of ethnic backgrounds, so drawing them has been an exercise in “What makes X people look different from Y people?” An EXCELLENT resource for that sort of thing can be found here.

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