Excuse me, have you seen my serpent?

So, I find myself in an interesting situation: I don’t know what my character is thinking.

This isn’t for the usual reason of stubbornness or lack of knowledge on his part. Rather, I simply cannot reach him.

I think he is in someone else’s head.

As I’ve mentioned before, I write with a partner- we do a lot of back and forth and can usually take care of small actions for the other’s characters, but typically we leave it alone, handing it back when the action changes.

However, this time, I think Seth has abandoned ship.

I can reach him just fine for current scenes, and most future scenes, but we’re coming up on The Big Thing in out story, and something happens to put Seth out of my reach.

It’s very strange, and I don’t know what to do with it, and I don’t like it. 😛

Hopefully, all will right itself when the time comes and the scene will write itself (hurray for word play!). But until then, there is a gaping whole were my Seth should be, and I find it to be very uncomfortable. 😦


2 thoughts on “Excuse me, have you seen my serpent?

  1. That’s a frustrating feeling. I’ve had characters before who I felt were totally out of reach for me … Even if I knew a lot about them, I just couldn’t connect with them for some reason. I hope it works out!


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