Weekly Writing Goals: week 2

I’m trying this again. Last week was a flop, and all of you got to see my embarrassing not finished post- but it DID serve its purpose and remind me to check on my progress. I’m gonna try that tactic again, and we’ll see if it works or not.

I’m also gonna go ahead and copy/paste my list of goals to help hold myself more accountable, and to make sure I see them over and over and over again so that I actually keep them in my mind. In high school, I used to make little notes in my notebooks or on my mirror or whatever so that I’d see them all the time, so hopefully that tactic still works for me. We’ll see.

Writing Goals for 2014: Week 2

 -Keeping my blog post scheduled up at least a week in advance, so I’m not stressing deadlines:So far, so good, but 9,10 and 11 write themselves. Next week will be harder.

-Writing at least once a day, as is suggested by so many successful authors: I am so sleep deprived lately, I can’t remember if I’ve done this or not. I need to come up with a better way to measure that, my days are running together, and writing at a set time every day is just not doable.

-ACTUALLY FINISH A COMPLETE STORY so that I can flex my editing muscles a bit: I am working on that. Slowly and surely Asylum is creeping to a close. Naj is also being very helpful and suggesting to me where I need to do some re-writes, because the story he’s telling me now doesn’t quite match up with what I’ve already written. I made a deal with him that if he’ll just give me SOMETHING now, I will do all the editing for him later, and even write some gratuitous fun scenes for him (and for all of you!)

-Research employment opportunities in the writing field (so vague, I know) since I’m tired of my soul sucking service industry job: Hmmm, no. Not so much with this one. Anyone have any suggestions? At this point, I’d take any job that was sit down at a desk, reliable Mon-Fri 9-5, soul sucking or not. At least then I could be on a fixed schedule, instead of this In at 9, out at 3am sometimes crap.

Ok, so more of a weekly recap than a monthly one, but I like the weekly schedule better, for now, to help get the ball rolling. It’s working for me, and that’s the entire point, really.

How’s everyone else doing?


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