The Writings: A bit of Zig

Sometimes, inspiration will strike at the strangest moments.

Cooking dinner earlier, I suddenly heard Zig start talking, and this little snippet was born. It’s not as clear in the beginning, because I rushing to capture the dialogue, but as I was able to keep up with it, the writing blossomed, then just as quickly faded. Maybe this will be part of a story I write for him one day, maybe this is all he cares to tell me of it. Who knows? Sometimes, it’s just enough for you the author to know, so that when a character references something, you’re not completely lost. Sometimes, its fun to collect all these little nothings and share them with your audience (at least I hope you’re all having fun :P)

“Clarissa, you know I can’t.”

“I won’t go without Tripp, and you won’t turn him, because you know I love him more than you. And I always will.”

“Damn you David!” she shrieked. “Damn you and your freak brother straight to Hell!”

“What do you think I’ve just done,” he murmured softly, knowing that she didn’t hear.

“Pack up.”

There words were on his lips almost as soon as he’d opened the door.

“I already have, bro.”

Zig gave his brother a confused look, and Tripp tried to tell him with his eyes what his mouth could not say. [SIRE] stepped out from behind him, and Zig froze in fear.

“You’re making the right decision,” he said, laying a hand on Zig’s shoulder. It took everything in him not to shudder. “I’ll probably have to kill her anyways. If not you, then some other young Romeo she won’t see sense over. I’m glad you’re smart enough to see that she doesn’t actually love you. She can’t. Love is an idea to a girl child, a silly game. And without love she can never know loyalty.” He heaved a great sigh, completely for effect, as vampires didn’t breathe. “Get out, son. Get out while I’m still inclined not to know you’re even here.”

The bags were in Tripp’s hand before the smoke cleared from [SIRE]’s exit.

“We’re ready.”

The steely look in Zig’s eyes was enough, Meliki would ask no questions. Not that she’d really been inclined to do so anyways. She knew it was a matter of time before he agreed to leave with her – she’d just hoped he’d come to his senses before it was too late. Luckily, it appeared that he had.

He couldn’t help it. He pulled up a news site, looking for the headlines from last week. Freak fire, kills dozens, authorities are mystified; Fire-bug caught, thrown in the looney bin; [SIRE] does some big thing, dunno, lost the scene.

Tripp gave Zig’s shoulder a squeeze and handed him a mug of tea, pretending not to see the wet tracks on his brother’s face.


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