Never enough time: a slightly whiny post

Wow. I hadn’t meant for this to get whiny, but apparently I’m really bummed out about this problem of mine, so sorry for that. 😦 If you care to read on, I would like some brainstorming ideas.


Ok, part of creating new habits is consistency, just making sure you do the thing over and over and over again until it sticks. The best way I’ve found to do that is to work within a schedule, so you do it over and over again at the same time every day/week/month. Very ring my bell and I’ll drool for you, thank you very much Dr. Pavlov may I have some more.

Only catch is- my days are NEVER the same.

Long gone are the days of School at 8a, out by 3p, mess around until bed time, rinse and repeat and oh look Saturday and Sunday are fun but oh no, it’s Monday again.

I crave the stability of a 9-5 job where I can set my alarm an hour earlier, write with that hour, and go about my day. Some days, I have to be at work by 9, some days, I got off work the night before at 2 a.m. I am NOT giving an hour of the only 5-6 I get on those nights, and any writing I’d do then would be sleepy crap anyways. So write when I get off work? Nope. Sometimes it’s 5, sometimes its 6, occasionally all the way to 7 or 8, with no reliability. It’s whatever the day brings. And trying to schedules myself later in the night just guarantees that I’ll look up and go “Crap! It’s 9:27- I was supposed to start writing a half hour ago.” Part of how this whole process is supposed to work is positive reinforcement, not guilty build up. That’s how goals fail.


So, mostly this was just a really whiny post about how much my work schedule sucks, but I’m hoping to find a way to fix this scheduling problem. I want to be able to write at the same time every day, but barring that, something regular and reliable would be nice.



2 thoughts on “Never enough time: a slightly whiny post

    • Yeah, I do something like that now, but I can’t depend on it. I’d really like something a little more reliable, but beggars can be choosers I suppose.

      I do like the idea of thinking of them as meals though. That thought shift sat really well with me. Thank you 🙂


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