NaNoWriMo: Day 26

And now begins the race to pump out word count. Thursday’s work was good, but Tuesday and Wednesday were way rough. I did a lot of just sitting down and writing whatever came out. So, lots of rambling in the works to come. I did manage to get an actual 50k of “story”, but it took A LOT of work.



Raeven knew she had to write, she only had five days left, and lets face it, this day was pretty much over. But she’d walked away from this world for four days, it wasn’t coming back naturally. Still, it was becoming pretty obvious this story wasn’t going to wrap up in a measely 50k – hell, it was probably shaping up to be a trilogy. So, just write.

He took Rain home not long after that, she was still pretty spent. Zig said that made good sense, considering how hard she’d worked today, and the fact that her magic was cut off from her. She didn’t really buy that last one, she never used her magic, why would it make any difference if she couldn’t reach it? But she let it go, and clung wearily to him on the ride back.

Myles was watching from the living room window as they pulled up, but her mother slipped up beside him and put an arm around his waist, giving Rain a smile. Maybe he wasn’t so bad. It made sense he’d want to know where she was if anything happened to her, and she could understand why he wouldn’t tell her about all this crazy magic stuff until she’d opened up to him. Still, she was too tired for any drawn out conversations tonight.

When she slipped into the kitchen, her mother moved into the space just behind Myles, who was doing his best not to loom, but failing. Rain decided to beat him to the punch and just play the caught in the act teenager.

“Yes, yes, I was out with a boy. Mom’s met him, she said it was ok if we hang out sometimes, and I promised not to break curfew.”

In an act that surprised even herself, she went up to the man and wrapped her arms around his neck in a fond hug. “Thank you for looking out for me,” she said, meant for her mother’s ears. Leaning in closer, she added more softly, “Thanks for the present, I promise I’ll be careful.” Then she took advantage of his stunned silence and ran upstairs to her room.

She went to bed almost immediately.

8:47 pm 6 mins 370 words

9:26 pm

There was still much to do, but Raeven didn’t really know where to start. She’d need to re-read to catch it again, but re-reading would lead to editing, and they were soooo close. Maybe after writing with Cait for a bit….



What will Rain do next? It’s Tuesday when she wakes up, does she dream between now and then? Could be good, might introduce Morgana some. There’s also the baddie with goonies that tries to get her – where, when, why? And somewhere in there she has to slip through Myles’ fingers – does baddy get him? Does Morgana? Does he step down when the playing field gets so tough? Cait says probably. So

Rain needs more dealings with Rook

Rain hooks up with Kaleans: can’t go off to school with them til she’s able to leave for days at a time

Rain runs into nameless baddy

Rain runs afoul of Morgana somehow – is that how we get Kaleans involved?


He was hesitant to say anything to her, he didn’t know how much was too fast but Jon was right – this needed to be her decision. Part of what kept him from succumbing to their power was the force of his own personality – he wanted to stay Rook. If Rain didn’t know who she was or what she wanted out of life, the Death would take her over, eat her alive in her own head. They had to be partners, or she’d go just as mad as Moira had. (Moira? Not Morgana?)

So he started down the giant wolf that stood in Meliki’s garden, the Kalean that had answered the fey’s requests for guidance.

“We can’t just force this on her, you know.”

The great wolf tilted his shaggy head, as if he didn’t understand.

“You know there’s no damned reason to wear that form around me, I’ve started my Undoing in the face before. Face me now, and let us talk about this.”

The wolf shook, like a dog spilling water from its coat, and ice crystals flew in every direction. When the small snow cloud settled, a small figure was left standing in the wolf’s place, just a normal man, albeit one far too pale. He was not much taller than Rook, lean muscles and hard lines, icy blue eyes starting out of a painfully angular face. His expression was utterly calm, and utterly alien. There was nothing at home here that could be bargained with, not really.

Rook remembered staring down such a face, and being offered a choice – a choice to remember no more. Now and again, something would strain at that choice, remind him of things he was meant to have forgotten. Looking into the face of a man that would have killed him, no, annihilated him from existence- even if this wasn’t the same Destroyer that had bested him in the Purging, they all had that same look about them. And they all had the power to remind him of things his soul could never forget, even after it had been erased from his mind.

9:54 520 words 5 mins


Rain was walking down the street when the baddy found her. She slips her head, walks into a pocket of ghost or something, maybe whatever the baddy was tracking – an elemental? Something incorporeal, and it kicks the baddy’s ass. But that gets his attention, and he tails her from then out, til she gets Frost, who eats anyone that comes near.



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