NaNoWriMo: Day 21

I tried to write while on vacation at my mom’s, but it didn’t really work. I got the one little blurb the first day, but after that I got caught up in living my life. I had a good Thanksgiving break, at least. 🙂


7:02 pm

They’d continued on like that for an hour or so, Zig chasing her around the house with his Nerf gun. Eventually, when her mind stopped getting in her way, she started to block him a bit, but it was nothing reliable. However, he could tell when she’d just plain had enough, and he led her back to the kitchen and tossed her an apple.

“You did good, kiddo. I know it’s rough at first, but just keep practicing. When you’re lying in bed atnight and can’t sleep, think about your wall. Eventually, you’ll figure out how it “looks” to you, and you’ll be able to reach it more easily then. For now though, just let it go, and have something to eat. Helps ground you better in your physical body.”

She nodded and bit into the crisp, red apple. It tasted like honey and sunshine.

“God, this apple is amazing-what kind is it?”

Zig grinned, and raised one shoulder in a shrug. “I have no idea, but I can ask Ceira next time I’m over there on a produce run. Earthen fey grow the best fruits and veggies, hands down.”

Rain nodded and took another bite of her apple, chewing enthusiastically. Zig grabbed one of his own, she made it look so good. “Ask ‘em for some next time you’re over there, kiddo. They’ll be pleased to share.”


7:08 pm


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