NaNoWriMo: Day 17

Some interesting stuff coming out in today’s stuff. I’m a few days away from vacation, scrambling, but I also had some good stuff to work with after brain storming with Cait the night before. Everything is really coming together at this point.


10:10 am

She had to stop falling asleep at her desk. She rolled her shoulders, trying to work out the crick in her neck, pushing back from her desk with a sigh. It wasn’t even 10 at night yet, why had she fallen asleep. Math wasn’t that boring, was it? She grabbed her phone and texted Zig about her suddenly sleeping so much as she made her way downstairs for a late dinner.

On the kitchen table was a note with her name on it and a little tube sitting on top of it. She picked it up, turning it this way and that. It had a keyring at one end, and a ..spray tip? Shaking her head, she set it down and picked up the note.


I know I can’t stop you from making your own decisions, and I don’t intend to try. But if you insist on spending your time in the questionable parts of town, will you at least carry this with you? It’s like mace, but with a little more kick for some of the bigger trouble you might run into.

Please be safe,


What, the hell? Rain set the note back on the table with the super mace and move to rummage through the fridge. There was a take-out box, clearly mom and Myles had had their discussion somewhere Rain wouldn’t hear – that she’d been awake to overhear anyways. She pulled it out and munched a few bites of cold steak, popping the half-eaten baked potato into the microwave. While it warmed, she picked up the mace tube again and gave it a more thorough looking over. Where on earth did he get this thing? Was there like, a Witches-R-Us or whatever? It didn’t look particularly homemade, there wasn’t any obvious place where it might unscrew for loading in more ..whatever was in there. Rain shot Zig another text about supernatural mace, then took her potato, note and weapon back up to her room.

Zig tried to relax when his phone buzzed a second time. He should have left it up front with Jack or something. Now he was in mid-ink, and wasn’t about to tell a patron to hold on a sec so he could dick around on their dime.

When no other texts seemed to follow after a while, Zig let out a sigh. He’d answer as soon as he could, and it’s not like she didn’t have Jon’s number now if it was an emergency. He wondered for a moment about the Record Keeper’s connection to the new kid- surely it wasn’t just trying to log unidentified powers, Rook didn’t take himself that seriously- but he let it go. It wasn’t his business and he really ought to just focus on this Jessica Rabbit tat. He rolled his shoulders to work the kink out then buried himself back in his work.

Rain woke to the sound of her alarm, feeling foggy and slow. He mouth was dry like cotton and her whole body felt stiff, and wooden. She drug herself over to the shower, hoping the heat and water would help her feel more human. It helped, but not enough. She moved mechanically as she put her books in her bag, her phone and wallet in her pockets, and clipped her keys and mace to her belt.

She stayed groggy all through first period, and most of the way into second. Her body eventually loosened up but her head was just so foggy today, like a great cloud had settled over her. She picked at her food through lunch, not saying much to her friends, who just chatted on around her silence. By the time school was over, all she wanted to do was go home and crash.

20 mins 629 words 10:31 am


She awoke from a nap to a text from Zig.

Hey, you’re out of school now, right?

She blinked sleepily but sent back a Yeah, what’s up?

Meliki could tell you more about the mace, if you let her see it. Should I come get you?

It took Rain a minute to remember what the hell he was talking about, but when she put it all together, she sent back Yes, please. She should check me out, too. I feel like shit.

Zig was on his way out the door in an instant.

He’d not gotten to her texts until well after midnight, and hadn’t wanted to wake her on a school night. It was bad enough he let Rabe and Rinna stay up as late as they did. But they were seniors, and stayed pretty well on top of their studies, and kept each other going to school on time, so he let them go. Rain, on the other hand, he knew nothing about, so he would play it safe.

When he finally got up for the day, he wandering out to the garden to find Tripp, to see what he might know about her questions. Tripp had suggested talking to Meliki. Conveniently enough, she was on this side of the garden, so he found her easily and relayed the situation. She’d told him to bring the child to her as fast as he could, and he’d actually moved to comply, when he remembered she’d still be in school. So he’d waffled about downstairs, working on chores and putting his kitchen together, and when he’d finally looked up again it was 4:30. Damnit.

He’d pulled up in front of Rain’s before remembering he hadn’t texted her back that he was coming. Tentatively, he pulled the bike up into the driveway, walking up to the French doors and peering inside.

“So that’s what this is all about! You’ve met a boy.”

Rain froze in mid-step, releasing the door knob and turning slowly to face her mother. She stood with her arms crossed, but a smile was playing at her lips.

“Honey, why don’t you have your boyfriend come inside and say hello, instead of skulking around outside.”

[Break for previously written.]


Rain couldn’t believe it. She didn’t know what was worst – that she was accusing Rain of sneaking out to meet her boyfriend, that she thought Zig was her boyfriend, or that she was calling her daughter out on it in front of the she thought she was dating.

Zig stood back from it all, covering his grin with his hand. He could see where Rain’s mom would freak. Here is this obviously college age bad ass with piercing and tattoos in a leather jacket, come to whisk her baby away on a motorcycle. Funny how he never had this problem on the Vespa.

He though he’d do the Rain cloud a favor and take point on this one, seeing as she was sort of stuck in horrified stammer mode.

“Hello, ma’am,” he said, extending his hand and putting on his best “such a nice boy” act. “My name is Zig, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He smiled at her, knowing it always made him look like an honest little boy. Usually it annoyed him, if anyone pointed it out, especially in comparison to Tripp, who always managed to look so much older. But for now, it was convenient, and he’d use it to his advantage.

“Hello Tripp, my name is Martha. I’m Brooke’s mother, in case you hadn’t already guessed.”

He hid his wince when she’d told him both of their names-he’d seen it coming, but hadn’t been able to think fast enough to dodge introductions gracefully. Ah well, at least she’d gone all informal and hadn’t given their last name. …he wondered how that would work, with it being step-dad’s last name. Would it still have the same magical punch? Did he really care?

He poured himself into his smile, making sure he gave a good firm grip but didn’t over do it as he shook her hand. When he pulled back, he went for an aww shucks kinda mood, and tried to wrap things up.

“I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself sooner ma’am. Brooke here sorta didn’t want her dad finding out.”

Martha smiled, bringing a hand to her mouth. “I can see why. He’d throw a fit over you, young man. Are you the reason she’s been lying to us to sneak out?”

Rain sprang to life at this. “Mom! I wasn’t sneaking! I just -” She stopped, realizing that the story she’d been telling was one of sneaking about, and boyfriend cover was just as good as any. “It was just the one time. I never know where you’ll be on the weekends and I didn’t want you to worry about me if you came home and I wasn’t around….” She scuffed her foot and dropped her eyes, trying to appear embarrassed instead of angry.

Her mom sighed and stepped over to her, giving her a tight hug. “Listen, sweetie. I know things have been weird since we’ve moved, but we’ll get it all worked out, alright? You just make sure you don’t hide anything from me and I’ll deal with Myles, alright?” She pulled back, and gave her daughter serious mom face. “Just no more lying to me, ok? I can’t be on your side if I don’t know where that is.”

Rain nodded, smile genuine. This was more the mom she’d been missing.

She looked past Rain and Zig out to his motorcycle in the driveway.

“Well, at least now I know why you’ve been so reluctant to get a car. They must seem pretty boring after rocketing around on that.” She turned and moved back into the kitchen, clearly satisfied with everything. “At least you’re both smart enough to wear helmets. Be careful you two – and be back well before curfew sweetie!” she called over her shoulder.

“I will mom!”

And then she left standing in the kitchen with Zig, who was chewing on his knuckle in an attempt not to laugh.

“Oh shut up you!” she yelled at him, as soon as they were outside. “This isn’t funny!” She hit him on the arm when he went from broad grin to full on laugh.

“Of course it is!” he said, dodging her next blow. “And don’t look too pissed, your mom’s watching from the upstairs window.” Rain ducked instinctively, turned to see her mom smiling down at them and waving. She groaned and waved back, snatching the helmet from Zig.

“God! This is so embarrassing!”

Zig laughed and climbed on the bike, waiting for Rain to settle in behind him before walking it back down the driveway.

11:03 am


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