NaNoWriMo: Day 16

Some more good writing, as far as story goes. Lots of making notes about who did what how and things like that. Unfortunately, the more I figured out, the more I lost interested in actually writing it out. As I got what I wanted from it, I cared less and less about the story itself. Pretty soon after writing this, I took a vacation to see my fam for Thanksgiving and lots what little motivation I had. I knew that would happen, so I pushed for as high a word count as I could get before that. I think from here on out, word count became more of a distraction than  help.

11:16 am 825 words, 15 mins

7:42 pm

Zig pulled over several streets from her house, to ask for better directions. He explained that he was going to drop her off a few streets away, but that he wanted to know where she lived anyways, should she need him. She nodded and told him, even suggested the best street to drop her off on. He did so, only stopping long enough to let her off before speeding away.

Rain’s stomach dropped to her feet as she walked the rest of the way up the hill to her house. What was she going to say? How could she possibly explain? Myles car wasn’t in the driveway, and Rain worried for a moment about where he was, what he was out doing, but then her mother burst through the doors and wrapped Rain in a fierce hug.

Brooke! There you are! Oh honey, I was so worried! I thought you’d run away and you hated me and oh-” She broke off into sobs, burying her face in Rain’s shoulder. 7:47


Rain hugged her mother tightly, not sure what was going on but relieved that her mother wasn’t angry with her. They could sort out the rest, as long as they were still on the same side.

It’s ok mom, i’m back, i’m here. I just kinda …freaked out.”

Her mom pulled back to look at her, tear streaked eyes red and huge.

I won’t make you go to White Price, honey. It was just, I was so worried about your running around with a bad crowd, and Myles suggested we just go take a look again, to help calm me down I guess- oh honey I don’t know. I’m just worried about you! You haven’t been yourself since our marriage and I just want you to be happy. 53:

8:12 Rain felt like a rat. She knew her behavior had to have upset her mother, but she just never acted like it did. Honestly, this was the first time she’d seen her mother act like herself in months. She didn’t waste any time wondering why, however, she knew she had to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

She took her mother by the shoulders and looked her square in the eyes. “Mom, I can’t lie to you. I’m not happy here. But I get why you’ve made the decisions you did, and I’m not upset with you. But all my friends are back in low town, and yeah, I made some dumb decisions yesterday, but that’s just because I’ve been so isolated. No one I was drinking with yesterday knew I was underage.” It hurt to swallow that lie, but if that’s what her mother needed to believe, then so be it. “They never asked, I didn’t tell. A girl from my dance class noticed I hadn’t been around in a while, and we got to talking, and I just went back to hang out with her and her friends, and I got a little carried away. It was just so good to feel normal again- I’m really sorry, and I won’t do anything like that again, but mom- I’m going crazy here. I don’t want to invite any of my old friends to this big, fancy house, and I’m always alone, and I hate it. I just miss my old life sometimes- I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore…”

She hated playing her mom that way, but honestly, most of what she’d said was true, and hopefully, it would win her mother over. “I just wanna be able to go hang out with my friends. I know there’s a curfew for a reason, but I promise I would always be back before then, just … Don’t keep me cooped up in the big cage all the time, ok?”


9:48 p

Her mother nodded, though Rain could see it didn’t come easy. “Alright sweetie. You’ve never given me any reason to doubt you before -aside from yesterday. Keep yourself in check, don’t give me any reasons to worry, and I don’t see any reason to borrow trouble.” She smiled, reaching out to stroke her daughter’s cheek. “I’ll talk to Myles honey. You just go inside, get yourself some dinner and go hide out in your room, ok? Then there’ll be all school week and we’ll talk about opening up your weekends when the next one comes around, ok?”

Rain nodded, not satisfied that it would be enough, but knowing that it was something. She’d play the game if she had to – she hated it, she and her mother had always been on better terms than this, but if there rules were changing, she’d play the game and learn how to win.

She didn’t know any other way.

Rook smiled to himself, turning away from her thoughts and moving back into the room his physical body was in. She would be fine, Jon had been right. This one was too much like him to endure being caged well.

He laughed abruptly, imagining what the product would be if she split from him as he had from Morgana. He didn’t know if such a thing were even possible, but if anyone could do it, his [insert word for soul piece here] could.

He tossed on some jeans and a ratty teacher, throwing his hair back into a pony tail. Working the bar tonight would do him some good, focusing on the crowd’s energies instead of his own agitation. Likely, he’d pick someone up to take down to the dungeon later and work off some more frustration. But for now, he put on a killer smile and went to go do what he did so well.

Rain grabbed a sandwich, both starving and unhungry at the same time. With things smoothed over with her mom, her worry turned to her absent step-father, and what hell he might be raining down on her new friends. Because she did think of Zig as her friend, and honestly Jon and maybe even Rook too. It might be simply teenage logic, but they fought for her rights to be herself, showed genuine interest in her happiness and well-being. Myles seemed concerned for her safety, but somehow not in her person. Like she wasn’t real to him. She didn’t like it, and she didn’t like what he’d done to her life and her mother. Whatever trust he might have gained from her was gone. He wanted them both to dance in his little puppet show, and he would keep pushing until they complied.

Rain would just fake it til he went away.

She was 16, starting her junior year of high school. Just two more years, and he wouldn’t be able to tell her a damned thing. She’d learn to drive, she’d do her absolute best in school, and she’d get away. She’d figure out what to do about her mother later. First she had to get free, and get to people who would help her understand her magic.

God, her magic. That complicated things more than she could say.

With a heavy sigh, she took her sandwich and a bag of chips up to her room, leaning against the door for a moment after she closed it. This should all be so overwhelming, but mostly she just felt tired. Like her brain had lifted all it could and now it was just done. All the crap that kept piling on, there just wasn’t enough of her left to care about it. She was sure she’d have to work her way through all the mess of it later, but for now she sat down in front of her computer and went back over her list.

-What happened today?

Still not sure. People to ask: Zig, Jon.


-Will it happen again?

Yes, according to ..well, everyone


-What do I need watch out for?

Good question- get on that. Maybe Jon?


-What am I?


And that last one. That last one refused to be answered. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t really important, but it was the one she wanted answered the most. She’d ask Jon, as soon as she got his number from Zig. Who should hopefully be home safe by now. She pulled out her phone and texted him, worry fluttering in her stomach.

Zig pulled up on 8-Leggs, half expecting the crazy witch-dad from hell to be parked outside, ready to torch the shop to the ground. But the street was empty, and so was the lobby when he came in the side door. Rinna looked up from her magazine on the counter, and Zig gave her questioning eyes.

“Nobody’s come in since you left dude. All’s quiet on the western front.”

Zig nodded, but his brows stayed knitted with worry as he made his way downstairs.

He hit the kitchen, wanting to cook to burn off some nervous energy. He was pawing around in the fridge when his phone went off. It was from Rain.

Everything ok? Myles hasn’t come back yet.

He smiled. The kiddo was worried about them. That was awesome. He wanted her to be a part of the family pretty badly, and was glad to see she felt the same, at least kinda.

We’re good here. You ok?

He knew that was a stupid question, but he also figured she’d know what he meant. She bounced back to him pretty darn quick, so Zig just pulled up a chair and sat down. He’d cook later.

Yeah, mostly. I’m actually kinda getting used to being abducted 😛 Speaking of, can you give me Jon’s number?

Huh. He was kinda surprised she didn’t have it already, but whatever. Jon would know a lot more about what was going on with her than he would. Zig had been beyond surprised when he’d gotten the call from the bartenders this morning, but when he realized it was about Rain, everything kinda clicked into place. Rook was way weird, and Jon too, and that meant Rain fit right in. He hadn’t questioned it, though he would make a point of telling Meliki later. No one had told him not to, and he owed more than his life to the Big Mama.

Rain sent a text to Jon immediately, just a short and sweet This is me. I’m home safe and laying low

Jon sent back pretty quickly Got it. Ask me anything, any time, and I’ll do my best for you.

Ok then, fine. It was worth a shot. What am I?

Jon sighed, hardly surprised. I don’t know kid. That’s one Rook plays pretty close to his chest. Sorry.

Rain humphed and tossed her phone on the bed, unsurprised but disappointed anyways. She’d ask him more later, but right now she wanted something familiar, something she understood, so she cracked open her math book and started working on tomorrows homework.

– 10:13pm 25 mins 1183 words


Myles scrys for power to steal, had been looking for a pyro, found Rinna – at the college, dicking around with metal work, but Rain’s power surge got his attention. Next day, searches auras generally, finds someone else in Rain’s head, tips him off. He blankets her, just in case, doesn’t cost much and would hate to lose her if it is her, now rook can’t find her.

Spikes when she sleeps or whatever, Myles decides its her, swoops in and marries mom.


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