NaNoWriMo: Day 14

Not as much writing done today, and what I did write was really weird. I’m not sure I’ll keep what in it, because it involves a lot of too quickly researched things. I watched myself start to get sucked down the rabbit hole of researching ifrits, and knew I was eating up all of my writing time for day, so I just went with what little I’d learned and ran with it, before I spent the night reading instead of writing.

So I’ll either refine it with better research later, or abandon making it “real” and just make up a bunch of stuff because hey, it’s my world. I can do that. 🙂

Also, I wrote this scene in a very weird order. I think I wrote the middle first, then the beginning, then the end. I just went with what came, then attached it back to the narrative. I wound up doing that a lot towards the end, if I even attached any pieces back at all. As I started to scramble for word count over an actual novel, I just wrote what came to mind. A lot of it is just fun one offs that probably won’t have anything to do with anything, but I did get my word count, so that’s something.

11/14/15 10:43 pm

“She says its an ifrit,” he called back, pushing up out of his stool and moving across the hall to Tripp’s studio. “I’m talking to the kid from earlier, Rain.”

Tripp grunted, caught up in examining his machine.

“She says she found it wandering around her head, that make any sense to you?”

“It sounds more like a Qarin,” he said absently, “if it was wandering around in her head. They’re like, Jiminy Cricket or whatever. Spirits that influence human behavior by whispering to them.”

“Eh, I don’t think so, bro,” Zig answered, going back through their texts. “I think she’s talking about a literal flame that’s dancing, though don’t ask my why I say so.”

“No, it’s cool,” Tripp answered, putting his gun down and sitting up to engage in the conversation more. “A dancing flame is a dancing flame, I was just half distracted.”

“I’d noticed.” Zig grinned at his brother, but didn’t bother pointing out that Tripp was almost always distracted. It was part of what made Tripp Tripp.

“So, a dancing flame that told her it was an ifrit, as it was wandering in her head?”

“Oh here,” he said, just handing his phone to his brother. He thought about what little he knew about elementals while Tripp read, which wasn’t much. He knew they were based on the classic elements of the physical world, or pretty much anything found in nature, so you got the earth wind water fire but also things like lightening, thunder, ice, spirit – anything abstract that could be condensed down into symbol, really. He knew avatars were somehow related, but he couldn’t really remember how, but at that point Tripp was handing back the phone anyways.

“You might wanna go ahead and give her my number, so she can ask me any complex questions directly, but if you think that should wait until we hang out more, I’ll trust your judgment on that.”

Zig startled, giving his brother a look. “Who said anything about us hanging out more?”

“You did, when you came in here asking me to help you answer some random stranger’s question. You’ve adopted the girl, Ziggo, it is plain on your face.”

“Aww damnit,” Zig said, half grinning. “What the fuck are we gonna do with this Tripp?”

His brother shrugged. “Beats the hell outta me – you’re the one that adopted her, you come up with the dumbass plan.” He stood and stretched moving to leave the room to go do whatever else it was he felt he needed to do before the rush. “I’ll just sit back and watch for your mistakes and come up with a better plan after you fail the first time, ok?”

“Love you too, asshole,” he shot at his brother’s retreating back.

10:56 pm 13 mins 484 words


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