On Writing: Keeping track of time

One of the author’s I follow posted this today, and I’ve sort of fallen in love with idea of “pantsing”. I am a definite pantser, because my characters demand it out of me. However, some planning is absolutely necessary when you write several stories in the same world in the same day, so to keep things straight, Cait and I tend to use timelines, like this:

7th day (Wed – 16th)- Nica and Naj practice the duo dance all morning, going to perform it that night

Haven- more fun with maddie, Rain reads the books Jules lent her

Spiders – Lunch with Zig, emergency with aggressive dog, Jules drains herself and Zig takes her back to Underground to recuperate, she mostly sleeps, brief moment of toplessness, he feeds her chinese and cuddles!

Shadows – Nicky meets Jack and Grim (separately, but at the same time frame); Jack invites Nicky to Asylum (and on Blue Moon); Dev’s golem says that she can’t be reached – why?; they stay for three shows (? – how many hours is that again?), and Jack gives her cliff notes on everyone and their forms, they run into Rowan and then Naj about the pass;

Some days will be more detailed than others, some are just little quick blurbs for reference sake. Some of them are notes for scenes we haven’t written yet, but have referenced elsewhere as having happened (like Rain reading the books). Really, it’s just whatever we think we need, or find funny, or anything we feel like writing when one of us updates it. But it is incredibly handy.


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