NaNoWriMo: Day 12

This tiny little snippets is all I have for day 12, and I’m not even sure I wrote it then and not on the 11th. Tuesdays were HELL for me, because I’d close (2am or later) then turn around and open (9am) so I was always pretty loopy when I got off work.


Zig, what am I?

He started at her text, feeling completely unqualified to answer. He decided to just be real with her, it’s what he’d want in her position.

Honestly? I have no idea. Probably witch or fey kin, somewhere in your line, but that’s just my best guess.

He tapped his phone against his chin, feeling like he needed to say more. He just didn’t know what. Really, all anyone had was speculation – no, wait, that’s what he needed to say.


You’re Rain, that’s what matters.


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