NaNoWriMo: Day 5

It is becoming quickly apparent to me that I wasn’t as careful with my note taking as I’d have liked. Oh well. It’s not like I was shooting for scientific levels of accuracy. Still, I think it’ll be interesting to at least try to crunch the numbers, when I’m done breaking it all up and reorganizing it into actual chronological order.

Day 5 was a short day. I’d worked all weekend, worked close Monday night and Open Tuesday, so I’d gotten 5 hours of sleep, if that. I also knew I had Wed off, so I didn’t push too hard for word count that day.

 455 words/ 17 min 11:47 am

Attempting to get some writing done in the hour and a half before work, with me luck 1:44 pm

Brooke awoke with the sound of her blood rushing in her ears. She couldn’t sit up, and wasn’t sure she’d want to even if she thought she could. Her head felt like it was full of cotton, her mouth too. Her throat was raw, like she’d been screaming.


Delicate hands wrapped around her shoulders and guided her upright slightly, enough to slip an arm around her back. Then a cup was pressed to her lips and she sipped at the water greedily. The girl who was holding her whispered soothing sounds, pulling the water away before Brook could make herself sick. Tentatively, Brooke opened her eyes.


The room she was in was dark, and smelled powdery, like crushed gravel. There was a wet smell she couldn’t identify, it made the air seem cooler, though maybe that was just the darkness. Or maybe it was the water, sitting in her belly like a cold, smooth stone. A lot like a stone, actually. She was pretty sure she couldn’t move now, at least not get up and walk around. She tried to panic but she was just too groggy.


“I’m sorry for the well water,” a familiar voice said. “Meliki insisted, and none of us really know what else to do with you, anyway…” She trailed off, and Brooke swallowed a few times to make her throat work.


“Wha- wher- huh?”


The girl made more shushing sounds and laid Brooke back down. “Meliki will explain. I’ve probably said more than I should have, you shouldn’t have been awake just yet.”


A sudden light pierced the darkness and Brooke winced away from it. The barista – she was able to recognize her as one of the sisters before turning away from the light – pulled away and mumbled something to the woman had just entered the room before making a hasty retreat.


[cue scene with Rain and Meliki, but I’m too damned tired]

303 words 12 mins 2:03 pm


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 5

  1. Recounting your whole experience like this is extremely interesting. It’s making me wish that I had done the same. I’m struggling to keep the pace from that month going so that I can finish my novel. I hit my 50k, but have so much more story to cover.


    • Oh yeah, 50k was no where near enough to finish the story I started. I really needed to step away from it for a while though. I’m not sure if I’ll ever pick it back up (I got the information out of it I was needing) but I am enjoying exploring my writing process by recounting it this way. I’m learning a lot about the way I write, what works for me, and that sort of thing.

      Best of luck finishing yours!


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