NaNoWriMo: Day 4

Hmmm… It appears there is a good deal more swearing in this than I had originally thought. Might be time to go ahead and turn on the adult filters anyways. I forgot sometimes just what a mouth Rook has on him, and how he rubs off on everyone else. He’s a very pushy character.


Oh, also, some of this was not generated on Day 4, but it didn’t fit in right with how I was chronicling all my NaNoing, so included is some bonus content from a later day.

Day 4 11/4/13 11:30 am Writing while waiting on cait.


“She’s got it again this time, the whole enchilada.”


His tone was softer now, more subdued. Jon suspected he’d turn melancholy soon, if he didn’t distract himself. He always lost himself in pity to the girl. Probably some misplaced dream of a vicarious life, free from this bullshit. Pretty dream, but pretty stuipd.


“She tried to snap the life thread of someone poking around in her head. Instinct, no thought. Someone harmlessly rifling around in her memories and she tries to drain them, first reaction.” He shook his head, eyes gone distant. He wasn’t thinking about the girl anymore, Jon could tell. This mood of Rook’s was well worth learning, it was his most unpredictable. Still more or less innocuous, to Jon anyway, but he hated how all the buttons changed when Rook got like this. He was harder to wrangle.


“This power ruins a man, Jon. I thought by splitting…”


He trailed off, and for a moment Jon thought he might be falling into one of his memory trances. Those were a fucking bitch. The man wouldn’t eat or sleep or even blink for day, til he finally snapped out of it. He’d swan about the place for days after, pretending nothing happened. Jon had learned to play along, learned the hard way.


But then Rook was cutting a hand through the air, waving away the thought.


“No matter. I know she’s here and I know where she lives, more or less. She’ll be in the bitch district-”


Witch district,” Jon interjected automatically, eyes on his clipboard.


“-Bitch. District,” Rook continued through clenched teeth. Jon knew it was only to keep from smiling. He liked that Jon sassed him. “I felt the bastard’s wards flare up when her power did. I don’t think it was him that spirited her away, it was too instant a cut off, but I know he knows she’s been taken. His mojo will be blocked as surely as mine is. Whoever’s got her.”


He tapped a finger against his chin, thinking. “It could be anyone, really, but I’m going to put my money on someone within this district. High brow assholes would be caught dead slumming here, let alone just to tail a semi-interesting “human” girl.” He sighed, usual carefree facade settling back over him. “I’ll put out the feelers, trying and do some sleuthing by pillow talk, see what I can turn up. Keep your ears open at the bar for me Sergi?” But he was already walking away, not waiting for an answer. Rook had a bone to chase, and he would be tenacious with it until satisfied.


Especially since it affect him so directly, for once.

455 words/ 17 min 11:47 am

Attempting to get some writing done in the hour and a half before work, with me luck 1:44 pm

Brooke awoke with the sound of her blood rushing in her ears. She couldn’t sit up, and wasn’t sure she’d want to even if she thought she could. Her head felt like it was full of cotton, her mouth too. Her throat was raw, like she’d been screaming.


Delicate hands wrapped around her shoulders and guided her upright slightly, enough to slip an arm around her back. Then a cup was pressed to her lips and she sipped at the water greedily. The girl who was holding her whispered soothing sounds, pulling the water away before Brook could make herself sick. Tentatively, Brooke opened her eyes.


The room she was in was dark, and smelled powdery, like crushed gravel. There was a wet smell she couldn’t identify, it made the air seem cooler, though maybe that was just the darkness. Or maybe it was the water, sitting in her belly like a cold, smooth stone. A lot like a stone, actually. She was pretty sure she couldn’t move now, at least not get up and walk around.


“I’m sorry for the well water,” a familiar voice said. “Meliki insisted, and none of us really know what else to do with you, anyway…” She trailed off, and Brooke swallowed a few times to make her throat work.


“Wha- wher- huh?”


The girl made more shushing sounds and laid Brooke back down. “Meliki will explain. I’ve probably said more than I should have, you shouldn’t have been awake just yet.”


A sudden light pierced the darkness and Brooke winced away from it. The barista – she was able to recognize her as one of the sisters before turning away from the light – pulled away and mumbled something to the woman had just entered the room before making a hasty retreat.


[cue scene with Rain and Meliki, but I’m too damned tired]

303 words 12 mins 2:03 pm

Writing at work, timing will be bleh 10:06 pm


Rain wasn’t too worried about her mom, she’d undoubtedly be gone all weekend anyways. She did send her a voice message, saying she was staying with Megan, because of the birthday party she’d told her about last week. She was counting on her mother’s horrible ability to remember anything that Rain ever told her.

She was nervous about meeting Meliki’s other “children”, but if they were as nice as the coffee shop fey had been, she wasn’t too worried.

How fucking weird was it that she was calming talking about meeting fey. Or rather, that she was more worried about meeting fellow humans than she had been about staying with the faeries. To be fair, Rain wasn’t sure she could say fellow humans anymore, but if they were children of Meliki’s, they were probably about as human as she was anyways.

She wasn’t prepared for the Vespa.

When Meliki had talked to her about moving, and how important it would be to move her quickly, she was expecting an armoured car, or a pick up truck, or hell even a talking flying eagle. But not a Vespa. And not for the boy under the helmet to be covered in tattoos and piercings. Rain’s stomach twisted in knots and she had to swallow hard before she could answer his super chipper, “Hey! You’re Rainy, right?”

“Brook-“ she started to answer, but he shook his head and cut her off.

“You’re Rain, and I’m Zig. Let’s keep it simply like that, ok?”

She nodded and climbed onto the back of the Vespa, wrapping her arms around Zig and holding on for dear life.

“Here,” he said, leading her down the stairs and taking her back underneath them through an archway. A hallway opened up, ending in halls on either side. He stopped at a door on the wall, laying his hand on the surface. Rain felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, then he opened the door.

“This’ll be your room for now, I’ve “keyed” it to you, so this door will always open to this room.” He turned as he stepped through the doorway, inviting her in. “I know it sounds weird, and I promise, I’ll give you the grand tour when you wake up, but that well water is gonna wear off pretty soon and believe me, you’re gonna wanna be asleep for that.”

Beginning to feel overwhelmed, she stepped toward the door, but Zig was stepping half out again. “Before I forget, the other door in this hall is the bathroom. You’ll probably want that when you wake up.” He felt really sorry for the kid, but there wasn’t a lot he could do for her besides give her a place to lay down and show her where to throw up when her body finally rejected the fey magic the well water was helping her cope with.

Rain followed his gaze down the hall, seeing the other door and making note that hers was on the right, the bathroom on the left. Easy enough. Zig had ducked back inside, so she followed his lead and stepped in.

It looked just like her bedroom at home. Her real bedroom, back at her real house, before [insert step-dad’s name here] moved them across town. A tear slid down her check, followed by another, and another, until she was quietly crying. Zig finally noticed and stopped babbling, coming to her side.

“Hey. Hey kiddo, what’s wrong? You ok?” He put his arms around her, and without thinking about it she just buried her face in his chest and started sobbing.

“Hey. Hey, hey, it’s alright.” He started patting her hair and making useless shushing noises. “It’s alright kiddo. It’s alright. Let it out. You’re gonna be ok.”

11:24, with lots of bullshit in between.

10:02 pm

“You’re safe riding with me,” Zig explained as they walked to the shed. “I’ve got a strong enough signal, I’ll mask anything you put off – most of the time.”


“Most of the time,” she asked, trailing in his wake like a puppy.


He turned, hand tucked behind his head in a nervous gesture. “Well, yeah. I mean, no one I’ve ever met is as strong as you when you’re actually using your powers – whatever they are.” He had the good grace to look embarrassed. “I’m really sorry about all this. I don’t really know how to handle things. I mean, I’ve helped the Spiders and everything, but…” He trailed off, unsure. “I don’t even know how to tell you what I mean about everything it’s all so weird for me. I can’t imagine how much worse it must be for you.”


He stood there a moment, completely at a loss. Then he shook his head and turned back towards the shed. “C’mon kiddo, let’s get you home. Before your jerk of a step-dad comes back.” He handed her a helmet and gave her a smile. “Don’t worry about it, Rainy day. He can’t keep you under lock and key. Where you spend your days is your business. He can’t touch you until curfew and I’ll always have you home long before that. We’ll keep ya dosed up on well water for now, and as long as you come spend some time in the Underground or the garden every day, you shouldn’t reject it. I know it’s not ideal, but we’ll come up with up something better. Just need a little time, that’s all.” He reached a hand out and gripped her shoulder, big brotherly love shining in his eyes. “We’ll figure this out, Rain. It’ll be ok. I promise.”


She smiled back at him, and even almost started to believe it.


The girls called to let her know he was coming as soon as he hit the shop. Sure, they didn’t say so in so many words – in fact, Nanae seemed to think he’d actually sit still long enough for Meliki to come to him. Meliki knew better, and was waiting in the lobby of 8 Legged Ink when he came sweeping in like he owned the place. Typical witch attitude, especially when dealing with non-witches.


“Can I help you?” she said pleasantly enough, looking up from the appointment book on the desk she’d been reading to pass the time. It was filling up nicely, word was spreading. A bright note in what was sure to be a very unpleasant afternoon.


“Yes, I’m here for my step-daughter. Her ward alerted me when she’d been abducted by fey this morning.”


Meliki raised an eyebrow at his choice of tactic. “A bold accusation. Not a very charitable attitude towards someone who kept your step-daughter,” and she said that word rather dubiously, “from being consumed by her own magic-at the risk of my own people, I might add.” Implied by her tone was an accusation that he was the responsible for putting everyone in danger, and that she didn’t much appreciate the risk to her people. Before he could answer, however, she continued, gaze locked on his.


“Feeding your ward to our sithen was an unfortunate side affect of trying to drain off her rampaging powers before anyone came to harm. I assure you, it was not done with ill intent. From what I could assess in the limited time before I had to act, it would cause no harm to do so. If the ward was meant to contain her volatile magic, it was clearly failing, and if it was a simple alert or locator, well, I made no attempt to hide her from anyone that wished to claim her.”


She spoke plainly and clearly; she knew he had nothing to hide. Any careful secrecy on her part was just fey habit, and any ill will simply her responding to what she perceived to be a threat. There was always the chance he didn’t know what he had, but it was highly unlike with witch-kin.


When she had finished her piece, he returned with a list of his own accusations. Let the fey think what it wanted, it was of no concern to him. He just wanted to reclaim the girl and leave this uncivilized place. Lowtown was such a blight on this community.


“You fled the scene, with my doubtlessly incapacitated step-daughter in tow. I can only assume ill intent. Now return what is mine to me immediately.” His words were flat, emotionless, but with no room for argument. Meliki made room.


“I returned to the heart of my sithen, so I had better resources to protect this girl from magic I didn’t understand. I brought her into my home, at further personal risk, because clearly this girl wasn’t under the protection she needed. This district is home to countless of my number,” and yes, she was threatening him now, albeit very subtly, “and I was not about to let some stranger bring it crashing down around our ears. But rather than simply sending her on her way and letting her wander into some other unsuspecting’s territory,” and here, her words with thick with accusation at his negligence, “I did what I could to help a poor, confused child deal with magic she was unprepared to face.”


“An unfortunate oversight on my part,” he answered dutifully. It seemed there would be no depriving this fey of its beloved word games. “I hadn’t realized she was developing this quickly. When I took her and her mother in, I knew the child needed attention, but I haven’t had them under my care very long, and her powers have surprised me.” That much was certainly true. He had no idea he’d stumbled upon so promising a find. All the more reason to collect what was his and continue to monitor her, much more closely now, of course. And to guard her from petty theft, like this fey was attempting.


“Clearly,” Meliki answered, unwilling to give him any more than that.


“Please,” he said, drawing on the concerned parent angle. “Her mother is extremely worried about her. Return the child, and we will remove her from your lands and prevent her from bothering you or yours again.” He would most certainly stick to that bargain. The further he could keep her from anyone else who might have witnessed her abilities, the better.


Meliki didn’t fall for it for a minute. “Her mother’s memories of this event can – and most likely will- be altered. Any distress she is feeling right now may as well be considered imaginary. However,” she added sharply, “the child’s distress is very real, and very much unalterable. I know, because she attacked one of my fey when she attempted to do that very thing trying to help what she thought was a human girl forget an encounter with an astral parasite – one she was left completely defenseless against.” It was a risky move, admitting one of her own wielded a magic against his claimed “property”, but Meliki was very comfortable gambling, especially since he’d taken such poor care of said property. She would weasel what she could out of this deal, anything, everything, and figure out how to best make use of it later. Whatever interest this witch had in the girl, it would in no way benefit her sithen, certainly. There was too much she didn’t know, too much she wanted time to figure out. Meliki never let go of any ground gained lightly.


Her tone, and all it implied, galled him, but he let it go. It really didn’t matter what this lesser creature thought of him, as long as she yield up the child. He continued with the parental charade, not wanting to show too much interest in the girl, but wanting this encounter brought to a swift end.


“If I’d have ever dreamed she’d set foot in a place like this,” and he made no effort to hide his disgust, “I’d have shielded her much more thoroughly. She was more than adequately protected for any civilized areas of town. Clearly, I have been remiss in my parental duties – something I intend to correct as soon as you return my child to me.”


“Your wife’s child, you mean,” she corrected, quick to interject. She’d buy as much time as she could, keep him talking, mentally recording every word to glean over for hidden meaning when she had the chance. It had become clear that she and hers were not a target of any sort of attack – this moron had simply let his own arrogance blind him to the very real threat his possess posed to the rest of the world.


“You want me to drag her down here?” he asked, anger rising in his tone. “The girl is a minor, you cannot hold her against the wishes of her legal guardian. If you won’t recognize my claim – one even the human authorities would, mind you- then I will return with her mother and we will leave with our daughter.” He made a point of claiming her as his own again. This fey was being entirely too difficult. It wasn’t pure capriciousness, it was actively fighting him for this girl, and now he was growing suspicious of what it suspected. He needed to end this, now, but with as little appearance of desperation as possible.


“I never said I wouldn’t release her to you,” Meliki said coldly. “You are the one waving about wild accusations of abductions and maligning my honor when you are the one who allowed an untrained time bomb to wander into my territory and attack one of my fey. Forgive me if I seem reluctant to turn my back on you long enough to fetch your precious possession for you.” It was bold to speak to him like that, but nothing she’d said had been untrue. If he wanted to argue it, he’d have poor ground to stand on.


“Surely in the heart of your own sithen you are defensible enough against one worried parent-”


“One agitated witch, who won’t slow down long enough to hear the truth of the matter. You appear to be on the war path, and I’m not eager to reunite you with your weapon, it’s true. I will, actually, insist you produce her mother before I produce her daughter. My kind are honor bound to their word, but the more you speak, the more I fear you will simply turn on us out of agitation once your magelet is returned to you.” It was her last card, but he was clearly done playing.


“Typical,” he spat. “Leave it to a fey to muddy perfectly clear waters with games and technicalities.” He pulled out his cell phone and dialed. “You’re out of games, fey. I’ll ‘produce’ her mother for you, but I’ll be damned if I trust you not to move her while I fetch her, so I’ll stay right here until she comes.” He glared at her while the phone rang, as if not trusting her to not simply disappear on the spot if he didn’t watch her.


“Hello, darling. Yes, I’ve found her. Yes, please come at once. We’re on the corner of 8th and Goode, a tattoo shop. There’s a large logo of a spider on the front. You’ll see my car, love. No, I won’t go anywhere. Just hurry.”

11:06 pm 11/5/13 1837 words, 1 hour, 4 mins




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